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Backup Systems and Applications

SOFTWARE COMPETITIVENESS LTD . offers and supports security solutions, disaster backup, and continuity of operations, actions based on its many years of experience, its peoples’ knowledge, as well as on the following specialized software, developed by strategic partners:

• Symantec Backup Exec

• Veeam Backup & Replication

• Microsoft Data Protection Manager

• VSphere Data Protector

• VSphere Site Recovery Manager

Disaster Recovery

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    • Disaster recovery team: This assigned group of specialists will be responsible for creating, implementing and managing the disaster recovery plan. This plan should define each team member’s role and responsibilities. In the event of a disaster, the recovery team should know how to communicate with each other, employees, vendors, and customers.

    • Risk evaluation: Assess potential hazards that put your organization at risk. Depending on the type of event, strategize what measures and resources will be needed to resume business. For example, in the event of a cyber attack, what data protection measures will the recovery team have in place to respond?

    • Business-critical asset identification: A good disaster recovery plan includes documentation of which systems, applications, data, and other resources are most critical for business continuity, as well as the necessary steps to recover data.

    • Backups: Determine what needs backup (or to be relocated), who should perform backups, and how backups will be implemented. Include a recovery point objective (RPO) that states the frequency of backups and a recovery time objective (RTO) that defines the maximum amount of downtime allowable after a disaster. 

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