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Ειδικός στην Ασφάλεια Κυβερνοχώρου (Cybersecurity)

Athens, Greece

Job Type

Ειδικός στην Ασφάλεια Κυβερνοχώρου (Cybersecurity)

About the Role

The Cyber Security Manager develops strategic and tactical plans for risk management. He/She establishes the governance framework for information security to provide assurance that information security strategies are consistent with applicable laws and regulations. He/She identifies key security initiatives and programs through a risk based approach. He/She communicates new key security initiatives and risks to top management and stakeholders to ensure that information risk is understood and identified. He/She monitors and reports the performance of the security program to senior management. The Cyber Security Manager advises management on the impact of the organisation's key risks. He/She recommends mitigation controls for the organisation's key risks and manage key projects.


Δεξιότητες σε θέματα σχετικά με την κατανόηση του νόμου, τη διαχείριση κινδύνων, την ηθική ηλεκτρονικής πειρατείας και της κρυπτογράφησης

About the Company

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