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Why Choose ITG. Consulting?


Our 20 years of experience working in the technology space has allowed us to carefully tailor our IT services to support the growth of your business. We aren't just an Athens IT company; we provide a full spectrum of IT services across the world.


Our company offers its total of added value for the customer services, needed for the completion of IT projects and Applications  that have to do with the installment and operation of our products, their technical support and training of users, as well as the outsourcing of specialized personnel.


The proprietary Virtualisation Software architecture and designs have been implemented into several global financial institutions, within their secure operating environments, at a fraction of the implementation costs of major competitors.


Our key business services are Managed Services, Support & Outsourcing Services and Talent Sourcing.


Your business goals shape the project scope – we may focus our entire attention on the advisory stage if you need to work through IT challenges and lay down the strategy for positive IT transformation. Also, we provide a full-service package of assistance for IT projects – we plan, design, implement and continuously support technology-powered solutions.

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