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Applying for Computer Science Scholarships

Applying for computer science scholarships differs from college applications. Deadlines, eligibility requirements, awards, and required documents vary greatly between sponsor organizations. Students must take a proactive approach to ensure they do not miss scholarship opportunities:

  • Start research early: Many organizations open the application window in January or February for the upcoming school year. However, others begin accepting applications much earlier — sometimes in the summer. That means students should begin researching scholarship opportunities about a year in advance.

  • Broaden the scholarship search: Searching for computer science scholarships can yield numerous results, but applicants can find even more opportunities by searching for identity- and merit-based scholarships. For example, many organizations offer scholarships for women and minority students, regardless of their major.

  • Make a list of applicable scholarships: While researching, students should note the eligibility requirements and list any scholarships that might work for them. They can then organize them by deadline to ensure they apply on time.

  • Prepare materials: Even if applicants must wait several months for the application window to open, they can still prepare documents. They can start with standard materials, like preparing an updated resume and figuring out how to request transcripts, before writing essays unique to each scholarship.

  • Apply to as many scholarships as possible: Organizations receive thousands of applications for each scholarship and award only a select few. Students can increase their funding chances by applying for every applicable scholarship.

  • Organize backup funding plans: Scholarships can cover a significant portion of tuition costs, but this is not guaranteed. Degree-seekers should organize additional funding plans in case they do not secure as much as expected with computer science scholarships.

Where to Look for Computer Science Scholarships

Look for computer science scholarships by contacting professional organizations, tech businesses, and university computer science departments. For general scholarship research, consult high school counselors and college financial aid offices.

Additional sponsors may include private companies, as well as nonprofit foundations and organizations. Local groups and community organizations may also offer scholarships for computer science majors.

The U.S. Department of Labor maintains a free online scholarship search tool. Students can also look for funding opportunities with their state grant agency. See below for more computer science scholarship resources:

  • Unigo STEM Scholarships

  • Scholarships360 STEM Scholarships

  • Computer Science Scholarships at

Common Eligibility Requirements for CS Scholarships

Scholarship requirements vary by sponsor. Computer science scholarships may limit applicants based on factors like academic performance and financial need.

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